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Where We Rehearse

Rehearsals take place at Village Christian Church located at 3113 Primrose Drive, which is one block east of Hancock and two blocks north of Fillmore (see map). Our rehearsals are open to the public and we welcome all who would like to attend. Guests are welcome to join us on the risers and sing with the aid of a guest book. There is no pressure to sing and if guests simply want to watch how we prepare ourselves for performances, they are welcome to do so.

When We Rehearse

Rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening unless posted otherwise in the sidebar on the home page of this web site. Rehearsals begin at 7 pm and normally run until 9:30pm. To be completely sure about time and date of rehearsal, guests may call 719-357-7667.

Rehearsal Format

The first 15-20 minutes of rehearsal is spent warming up our voices, singing simple scales and working on the craft of good vocal production.

If we are preparing for a show or learning new songs, the director may call for sectional sessions. During these sessions each part will break away and work on their specific parts, i.e.,Lead, Tenor, Bass or Baritone.

Once sectionals are over, we gather back on the risers to put all of the parts together and make adjustments/corrections as directed. We will work together as a chorus until approximately 8:30 when we break for minor business announcements and snacks.

The final portion of the rehearsal will include more work on repertoire and possibly an opportunity for a chapter quartet to sing. The director may elect to teach a new tag and offer an opportunity for chorus members to sing the tag in a pick-up quartet.

Post rehearsal involves the break down and storage of risers and may result in a pick -up quartet or two singing a polecat. Polecats are songs that every barbershopper worldwide learns and can sing with anyone. For example, My Wild Irish Rose, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, etc.