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When and where do we meet?

We normally meet every Tuesday night at the Village Christian Church. The church is located at 3113 Primrose Drive, one block east of Hancock and two blocks north of Fillmore (See map). Meetings run from 7:00 P.M. to 9:30 PM. All of our rehearsals are open to the public and we welcome any guests who wish to attend.

Because our director has taken a national job with the society he can not always meet with us on Tuesday. Therefore, it is currently a good idea to call 719-301-9457 to confirm the meeting night.

What is a rehearsal like?

The first 1/2 hour is usually spent warming up our voices, singing matching chords and working on the craft of barbershop harmony. If we are working on music for a show we take to the risers and start singing our performance songs while the director corrects our mistakes. If there is new music we split up to work on our parts in sectionals (tenor, lead, baritone, bass). This is followed by getting back together to sing as a full chorus. By this point it is usually break time with a snack and announcements. After that we get back to work, usually on the risers, until quitting time. The last part of the evening sometimes includes time for a chapter quartet to sing, and learning and singing a new tag.

All in all it is a fun-filled evening with lots of singing and good music. All guests are welcome to just come and listen or join in the singing. As we are an international society, we often have fellow barbershop members from out of town stay late or during break join us in singing “polecats”. Polecats are a group of 10 to 12 songs that every barbershopper world wide knows and can sing with any other quartet in the society (Example: Sweet Adeline).