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Quote of the Week
A young boy tells his mother, "Mom, when I grow up, I want to sing lead in a barbershop quartet." His mother tells him, "Well, honey, you know you can't do both."
Board of Directors

President:  Jim Campbell
Immediate Past President:  Gary Hickenlooper
Secretary:  Lynn Eggum
Treasurer:  Don Knepp
V.P. Marketing/PR:  Lawrence Rathhaupt
V.P. Music:  Tim Simmons
V.P. Membership: Bill Curtis
Member at Large:  Jean Harano
Member at Large:  Greg Ramsay
Member at Large:  Ken Polaski
Member at Large:  Bruce Minear
Performance Coordinator:  Lawrence Rothhaupt
Webmaster:  George Mammarella
Director:  Jim Clark
Assistant Director:  Paul Huff
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Music for Spring Show 2014
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Pikes Peak Chapter, Barbershop Harmony Society  -   2013 Budget                                        

Expense Categories                Proposed                                 Income Categories               Proposed

Rent                                        1375                                        Dues rebate                               450                                  
Director                                   9400                                        Show gross income                18000  
Administration                           600                                        Performance fees                     1000
Music cost                                 800                                        Charitable donatons                 1000
Insurance                                  700                                        Outside donations                    2000
Public relations                          700
Auditorium rental                     4000                                        Totals                                     22450
Show admin cost                     3000
Outside talent                         1500                                        Budget shortage                         
Show publicity                         1000                                        
Licensing fee                            300

Totals                                   23375                        
Guest Night -

Every Tuesday is Guest night, but 1/14 is officially guest night! Help build the chapter and bring a guest

Barbershopper of the Month

July                   T.J. Henry
November       Jean Herano

January            Tony Howell   
February           Neil Ridenour
March                Pete tyree
May                    Neil Ridenour
                         Paul Huff

Jean Harano is Barbershopper of 2013!

The BOD voted to drop "Barbershopper of the Month" and
replace it with
 Barbershopper of Note.   The award will be
given when a noteworthy person needs to be recognized
Roster 2013 Winter
E-Mail Roster

"Bob Turner" <>, "Brian Marsh" <>, "Dick Romine" <>, "Gary
Hickenlooper" <>, Al Kleveno <>, "Gary Olson" <>, "Jim
Campbell" <>, "Joel McGuire" <>, "Lawrence Rothhaupt" <>,
"Lynn Porsch" <>, "Neil Ridenour_Gmail" <>, "Paul Huff" <>, "Pete
Tyree" <>, George Mammarella <>


"Bruce Minear" <>, "Charles Snyder" <>, "Jean Harano" <>, "Jim Lucey"
<>, "Mark Block" <>, "Milan Bloom" <>, "Tim Simmons"


"Al Ernster" <>, "Barry DeBruin" <>, "Bill Curtis" <>, "Don Knepp"
<>, "Jim Clark" <>, "Ken Mero" <>, "Ken Polaski" <>,
"Lynn Eggum" <>, "TJ Henry" <>,"Mark Hoffman" <>,
"Phil Erlander" <>, "Phil McKean" <>, "Tony Howell" <>,
“Phil Zara” <>


"Greg Ramsay" <>, "Lee Jolly" <>,

Guests (who’ve shown up in the last few months not included above):

"Darold Jones" <> (Bs), Lei Faleao <> (Bs),  Fred Little <> (Bs),
"Dave Russi" <> (Br), Kevin Boyer <> (Bs), Zach Bailey <> (Br),   
"" <> (Bs),

ATB Board Meeting Minutes Ė Nov 19, 2013
(draft version until approved at next board meeting)
Convened at 5:45 PM.
Present:    Gary Hickenlooper, Tim Simmons, Lawrence Rothhaupt, Jim Campbell, Bruce Minear, Don Knepp, Charlie Snyder, Jean Harano, Lynn Eggum, Greg Ramsay, TJ Henry, Bill Curtis, Tony Howell

The Board approved the minutes for the Oct 22, 2013 Board meeting.

Treasurerís Report
The Board approved the Treasurerís Report for Oct 2013.

Guest Night will be held Jan 14, 2014. In addition, starting in early January, Bill will arrive early for meetings to lead whoever is there in learning and singing Polecats. There was a discussion of possible limitation on guests who keep coming but donít join; the consensus of the group was that we want to encourage guys to sing with us, whether they join or not; no limitations.

Sing Outs/Calendar
- Nothing new on the calendar

Public Relations
Tony has arranged for a live spot on the KRDO news Friday morning before the show.

Music Committee
The Spring Show (June 7, 2014) will probably have a patriotic theme of some kind. Storm Front are definitely the headliners. Music Committee and Jim Clark are working on the repertoire.

Singing Valentines
- Mark Hoffman is the Chairman
- It was suggested that we videotape the entire chorus doing the two Valentine numbers, and sell the resulting recording as a part of our Singing Valentine program. Weíll try to do that video recording (with a professional video/audio guy) in between the two performances of the Christmas Show.
- Jean, Lawrence, Tim and Gary will work on the details.
2014 Fall Contest
Probably will be the last weekend in September 2014, according to Jim Clark. Location is Salt Lake City area.

Barbershopper of Note
The Board did not pick a Barbershopper of Note.

Adjourned. 6:50 PM.
Next Board Meeting would normally be held the fourth Tuesday in December, but thatís Christmas Eve. The fifth Tuesday is New Yearís Eve. So there will be no Board Meeting in December. The 2014 Board will meet for the annual budget meeting on either Jan 11 or 18; Jim Campbell will announce which day.
ATB Chorus was recently recognized for doing a tremendous job in supporting the Harmony Foundation! The foundation
raised over 1 million dollars last year. Since 2005, 1.5 million dollars has gone back to support the chapters.