Recent Competition!

On Saturday morning September 28th, the America the Beautiful Chorus took the stage to present its two songs for judging in the 2019 Rocky Mountain District Championship in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The standard fare for competing choruses is to present one ballad and one up tune. For our ballad, we sang, You Tell Me Your Dream, and for our up tune the director chose an old standard from the barbershop files, Wait ‘til the Sun Shines Nellie.

Many hours were put into the preparation of these two songs including an all-day retreat in August with coaching from International Gold Medalist quartet singer, Darin Drown. The performance went well and the audience response was overwhelming. The post-contest judging critique provided us with key areas of focus for improvement.

Here is the America the Beautiful Chorus performing its ballad, You Tell Me Your Dream:

We finished up our contest set with this performance of Wait ‘til the Sun Shines Nellie:

Special Honors!

The highlight of the weekend in Cheyenne for our entire chapter was the crowning of our chapter quartet, Velcro, as RMD Senior Quartet Champions! To learn more about Velcro and watch and listen to their competition set in Cheyenne, visit Chapter Quartets on this web site.